Unit plan 12
Gender Violence and Managing Fear

How to work the plan unit

This educational unit is addressed to educators, guides, and monitors who want to expose their groups to the concepts and internal logic of nonviolence in a dynamic and interactive manner, so that they can work for the transformation of conflicts. This material is presented in three languages -Catalan, Spanish and English- so that it can be used in different contexts and countries. The contents consist of a short animated video presenting the theme of the unit and a book that develops the theme in ten chapters by offering concepts and practical activities. A transcription of the video can also be downloaded to facilitate work in the classroom or group. The leader of the group can adapt, shorten, or lengthen the material that we propose, depending on the time available and the type of public. In addition to the notions contained in each chapter, a short bibliography can be found at the end of the guide; it can be supplemented with more titles in various languages by downloading the Bibliography document that we include separately for each unit. The contents have a Creative Common license, so that they can be distributed freely and adapted to other materials for non-profit ends, provided authorship is acknowledged.

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Cristianisme i Justícia
Working Group on Christian Nonviolence

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