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Move nonviolence is a project sponsored by the Working Group on Christian Nonviolence of the Christianity and Justice Study Center. It was born of the need to provide tools for dealing with the increase in hate speech that is found in our social, political, and economic reality. This reality has led us to embrace avaricious and aggressive ways of life, and it has produced ever more subtle forms of oppression: policies based on contempt for those who are different, unfair pricing of basic foods, abusive and unjust laws that transform migratory crises into humanitarian dramas, poorly camouflaged machista violence, etc.

The project is aimed at every person and every group interested in nonviolence as a mechanism for resolution of conflicts. It is especially intended for organizations working in the area of Global Justice and Peace and for groups coming from the world of education, both formal and informal. The main goal of the project is to provide people with tools and resources with which they can conduct training sessions and activities designed to address and transform conflicts from a non-violent perspective. The material includes twelve educational units, each of which has an animated video presenting the topic and a booklet explaining the contents of the units in ten chapters. All the material can be downloaded for free in Catalan, Spanish, and English. The publication of the material in three languages and its non-confessional perspective make it suitable for use by any group, no matter what their condition, religion, or thought.

Unit plans

Learn to deal with and transform conflicts from the perspective of nonviolence, with the help of this collection of educational units.


Xavier Garí de Barbarà

PhD in Contemporary History and professor of History at the Faculty of Humanities in UIC-Barcelona and in High School at Jesuïtes Sarrià.

Marta Burguet Arfelis

PhD in Pedagogy (UB), professor in the faculty of education at the Universitat de Barcelona

Joan Morera Perich

Jesuit with degree in Computer Science (UdG) and licentiate in Biblical Theology (Pontificia Università Gregoriana)

Álvaro Mellado Domínguez

Humanitarian Worker. Degree in international relations from London Metropolitan University and Master’s in Conflict, Security, and Development from Bradford University

Laura Sols Balcells

Graduate in Philosophy and student of master's degree in Citizenship and Human Rights: Ethics and Politics.

Move nonviolence is a social advocacy project for educating and training people in nonviolence. It is sponsored by the Working Group on Christian Nonviolence of the Christianity and Justice Study Center. The persons responsible for the production of its contents are specialists in nonviolence who come from different spheres of research and knowledge.

A project of

Cristianisme i Justícia
Working Group on Christian Nonviolence

With the support of

Espai Societat Oberta
Ajuntament de Barcelona